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From Ukraine with Love

We got 80s Cold War vibes when Russia invaded Ukraine. Memories of MTV videos of Nena’s 99 Red Balloons that caused a nuclear holocaust or Elton John wooing a Russian border guard named Nikita came flooding back.

Even pop star Sting has us wondering again if the Russians love their children too.

Today comedian Dan Cass, who studied experimental theater in Moscow, joins us to look at how Russian propaganda infiltrates the internet and why people are sexualizing Ukraine’s political leaders.

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FOF #2793 – Making Sweet Tea

A lot has happened since author Dr. E Patrick Johhnson first came on the podcast a decade ago to talk about his groundbreaking book “Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South” – a collection of more than sixty life stories from black gay men who were born, raised and continue to live in the South.

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FOF #2506 – When the Reviewer Gets Reviewed

With the success of Hamilton, theater companies are embracing diversity in stories, plays and casting, but some reviewers aren’t liking it – Chicago Sun Times theater critic Hedy Weiss reportedly said at a panel in 2011 “there are so many plays about race and gender that it’s sickening.”

Today actor Jerome Beck joins us to take a look at the conservative backlash on diversity in theater and the role of theater critics in the age of social media and the internet.

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PHOTOS: Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel at the Admiral Theater.

Over the weekend, San Francisco cult film icon Peaches Christ and actress Rena Riffel came together to perform a Showgirls tribute at The Admiral Theater, a strip club here in Chicago- it was like slutty Inception in a g-string and high heels. Here are some wicked photos from Friday’s show.

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FOF #1842 – The True Tale of Tom and Katie

One of the top stories of 2005 was Tom Cruise’s bizarre appearance on the Oprah where he infamously “jumped the couch.”

Today we are featuring The TomKat Project, a two-act play that transcends the tabloids to discover the layers of truth behind the marriage of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and The Church of Scientology. Listen as we talk with the writer of the play and some of the actors about why celebrities are attracted to Scientology, Tom Cruise’s gay rumors, and even why when stars have nothing to lose, they still choose to be in the closet.

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FOF #1453 – The Zombie Musical

Annie get your gun, and shoot the zombies in the head! Join us as we talk with the creators of “Musical of the Living Dead,” Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts, about the appeal of zombie films, zombies as a reflection of our times and a sugar-free recipe for stage blood that won’t send you to the hospital, cause that would be really confusing.

VIDEO: Gay History Lives in the Thrillpeddler’s New Show “Vice Palace”

It’s video trailers like this that make me wish I lived in San Francisco. Check out this trailer for the Thrillpeddlers theater company’s new play – Vice Palace, a modern update of the Cockette’s notorious […]

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VIDEO: Cloris Leachman Snatches Peaches Christ Wig

As icon Cloris Leachman was being honored at the SF Sketch Fest 2011, she suddenly yanked Peaches Christ wig off during her interview on the Castro Theatre stage. Although some folks were outraged, but Cloris […]

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VIDEO: Dot Jones’ Very Gay Ventriloquist Dummy Act

We’re just thrilled with Glee’s new addition to the cast, Coach Beiste, played by real-life championship arm wrestler and character actress Dot Jones. From looking at Google trends, the public interest in her skyrocketing means […]

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Wicked the Musical is Headed to the Big Screen

The smash Broadway hit musical Wicked, a Wizard of Oz prequel of sorts, based on the fantastic novel by Gregory McGuire is headed to the big screen!   The creative team behind the stage version are […]

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