FOF #2810 – Peaches Christ Takes on Gremlins

Dec 9, 2019 · 2031 views

Peaches Christ with all the lady Gremlins. Photos: Peaches Christ.

Fierce. Gorgeous. Glamorous. Dangerous. Peaches Christ’s new show for the holiday season, Femlins is a hilarious send-up of the Stephen Speilberg holiday classic Gremlins, but with an all drag queen cast. Yes!

The show stars RuPaul’s Drag Race supervillain Phi Phi O’Hara as the Lady Gremlin and includes Migitte Nielsen, Miz Cracker, Detox and Peaches Christ as Polly Holliday.

Oh mah heart! Kiss Mah Grits!

Don’t feed these drag queens after midnight, the results will be: she-larious!

Today the glorious Peaches Christ, filmmaker and drag legend joins us to talk about the film Gremlins and her stage tribute Femlins, playing at the Castro Theater one day only, Dec 14th.

Listen as Peaches joins us to take a look at:

Alice, the wonderfully campy sitcom about a waitress with dreams of breaking into showbiz.

Madonna’s Madame X Tour and criticisms over her plastic surgery.

Josh Brolin curses the internet after trying out prerenium sunbathing: letting the sunshine in where the sun don’t shine.

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