FOF #2828 – American National Anthem Performance Fails

Feb 18, 2020 · 2044 views

Frances Scott Off-Key: Fausto Fernós, Carma Nibarger and Marc Felion react to celebrities butchering the American National Anthem at sports events. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

The U.S. National Anthem is a tough song to sing, and when a famous entertainer butchers it up, the results are hilarious.

The incredible Chaka Khan shocked the nation with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the All Stars Game. As much as people didn’t care for it, no one wants to criticize a legend like Chaka Khan.

Today comedian Carma Nibarger joins us to look at celebrities bombing hard at the National Anthem, from Fergie to Roseanne and why Whitney Houston’s version still is amazing all these years later.


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  1. Jason says:

    I love Captain Hollywood’s More and More. lol!

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