FOF #2854 – How to Survive Your Quarantine Honeymoon

Apr 9, 2020 · 2071 views

Michelle Keinan, photo by Dan Keinan.

When we first heard we’d be self isolating at home during the pandemic, we thought: great! We’ll get all those things done that we’ve been putting off, learn new skills and share time with the love of our life.

However, the reality for many of us is we’ve become championship nappers and stress eaters and we’re sharing so much love that we’re suffocating.

Today wellness consultant Michelle Keinan joins us to talk about being together 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic with your love or just the folks you live with.

For years, therapist and mentor Michelle Keinan has worked with strong women to stop trying to take control of everything in their relationship, so they can have very sexy & satisfying marriages and she a lot to say on how any couple or friends can survive for long periods of time being isolated together.


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