FOF #2931 – George Washington Carver Loved to Talk to the Flowers

Feb 4, 2021 · 1985 views

“How do I talk to a little flower? Through it I talk to the Infinite. And what is the Infinite? It is the silent, small force. It isn’t the outer physical contact. No, it isn’t that. The infinite is not confined in the visible world. It is not in the earthquake, the wind or the fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies.” – George Washington Carver.

One of Black History Month’s key historical figures is George Washington Carver, the scientist and agricultural pioneer who became a national sensation in 1921 when he testified before Congress about the power of the peanut and how America needs to protect this vital resource and invest in unlocking its biochemical properties.

What they didn’t tell us in grade school about George Washington Carver is that he came across as unapologetically queer-Carver spoke to the flowers every morning, he shared a bed with his male lover and he rubbed out the sore muscles of college athletes with his therapeutic hot peanut oil massage.

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to look at the scientist and mystic, George Washington Carver- his pen pal friendships with married women, his romance with Tuskegee scientist Austin Curtis Jr and working as a nutritional advisor to Gandhi.

Fausto Fernós, Matt Brown and Marc Felion. Photo: Fausto Fernós.


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