FOF #2933 – Feast of Fun Celebrates 16 Years of Podcast Mayhem and Magic

Feb 8, 2021 · 1985 views

Marc Felion runs the video camera at the last Feast of Fools live show at Schubas’ Tavern, Dec 2004. Fausto Fernós and Taylor E Ross in Feast of Fools drag, photos: Jason Smith.

It’s the 16th anniversary of Feast of Fun- one of the first shows to kick off the podcast revolution.

But honey, just because you’re revolting, does not make it a revolution!

Marc Felion and Taylor E Ross give Silky Jumbo a big kiss, 2003.

Marc Felion and Taylor E Ross backstage at a Feast of Fools live show in 2003.

What started out as an experiment to capture some of the magic of our live musical variety shows where drag queens and kings, musicians, performance artists and comedians came together to let their freak flags fly freely went on to become one of the the longest running podcasts in “theirstory.”

Our first podcast episode featured our live show’s musical director Taylor E Ross, who joined us on February 8, 2005 to take a look at how Janet Jackson’s costume malfunction at the Super Bowl Halftime show inspired people to take to the internet and create podcasts and other kinds of media that would be free from conservative oversight at the FCC.

Back when Fausto was a fire eating drag princess. Photo: Jason Smith.

Taylor E Ross has dedicated most of his music career to working with some of Chicago’s top drag talent- from Joan Jett Blakk’s campaign to Lick Bush in ‘92 where she ran for the Presidency of the US, to David Cerda’s all Joan Crawford tribute band The Joans, to being musical director at the Feast of Fools shows.

Today, musician Taylor E Ross joins us to take a look at of 16 years of podcasting madness, mayhem and magic.

Listen as we chat with Taylor about our early days and some of our favorite drag personalities and performance artists like Victoria Lamarr.

What really happened with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the Superbowl Halftime Show and how did it change the world forever?

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