Sleeping with the Guests

Apr 20, 2022 · 1985 views

Fausto Fernos, Damon L Jacobs and Marc Felion. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Over the years we’ve had thousands of attractive, charming folks on the podcast, people we’ve had great chemistry with, and others who when we met, it was murder.

So naturally since we get so intimate with the guests on the show, one of the most common questions we get asked is: “did you sleep with them?”

Today, licensed marriage and family therapist Damon L Jacobs is back once again to answer our hard questions on relationships and creating content in this complex Instagram age we live in.

Damon is best known for his work with PrEP and HIV prevention, and has a lot of great insights into the ethics behind doing a talk show where we, as Carol Channing once said, ask “very penetrating questions.”

Watch my episode with Damon.

Listen as we take a look at hating on men when you are sexually attracted to them, and right wing media’s “War on Men” where they talk about low testosterone levels, but avoid discussing environmental polllution, healthcare and mental health as a source of these problems.

Plus– Just as we were about to board a flight, a Federal judge strikes down the CDC mask mandate for travelers.

Episode #3022

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