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Getting a Go Go Boy Body – Danny Wilcoxx

Today we’re chatting with nightclub entertainer Danny Wilcoxx who dances at the Lucky Horseshoe and runs a lucrative content based site for his admirers.

Danny needs to be jacked but keep as much of his flexibility so he can tumble for his fans onstage and look like a demigod when he’s starring in boudoir films of a pleasurable nature.

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Sleeping with the Guests

Over the years we’ve had thousands of attractive folks on the podcast, people we’ve had great chemistry with, and others who when we met, it was murder.

Since we get so intimate with the guests, one of the most common questions we get asked is: “did you sleep with them?”

Today, licensed marriage and family therapist Damon L Jacobs is back once again to answer our hard questions on relationships and creating content in this complex Instagram age we live in.

FOF #2959 – I’m 50 and I Like to Kick!

When it comes to aging, nothing makes us laugh like Molly Shannon’s endearing Sally O’Malley character from SNL triumphantly stating “I’m proud to say I’m 50 years old, I’m not one of those gals who’s afraid to state her real age, and I like to kick, stretch and kick!”

Today therapist and relationship expert Damon L Jacobs joins us to look at turning 50 with power, purpose, and pleasure. Damon just hit the 50 year mark himself and wrote a fabulous collection of blogs on growing older with style inspired by the movie The Breakfast Club.

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FOF #2195 – Terri Runnels’ Wild World of TV Wrestling

In the mid 90s, wrestling personality Goldust became a sensation for using homophobia as a weapon. His wife at the time, Terri Runnels got in on the act by lampooning the flamboyancy of televised wrestling as his dominatrix manager Marlena.

Today Terri Runnels, joins us to talk about her wild life as a wrestling star!

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FOF #1750 – Matteo Lane Hates the Way He Looks

It’s hard to believe, but even some of the most attractive people hate having their picture taken. And in this digital age, everyone is taking photos of everybody all the time, making us feel like cover girls with pimples on our faces.

Today the hilarious Matteo Lane joins us to talk about looking marvelous and taking photos that don’t suck.

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FOF #1538 – Are Haters a Dying Breed?

I know Andrew Breitbart just dropped dead, but are haters generally a dying breed?

Writer Zach Lamm joins us to talk about the changing face of sexual identity. Will people continue to idenity their sexual orientations in the near future, or is all this just a new way for guys to avoid naming it and claiming it?

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Orson Scott Card Joins NOM, Pens Anti-Gay Rewrite of Hamlet

Oh, dear. The noted author of Ender’s Game has come out in recent years as extremely opposed to marriage equality and queer folks in general (for religious reasons, of course, with a heaping side helping […]

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”Queer the Night” Rally in New Zealand’s Capital

Around 400 people turned out last night to march through downtown Wellington in response to recent attacks and harassment of gay and trans members of the community. Brendan Goudswaard, also known as Ellie Kat (Miss […]

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Adshel Removes Gay-Friendly Ad, Then Reinstates It

So, Adshel is the company responsible for most ads one sees installed in bus shelters across Australia and New Zealand. One of their bus posters, a condom ad featuring two men embracing (a couple in […]

May 17: International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia

May 17, 1990: Homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases by the World Health Organization (WHO). Flash forward to 2004, and a global initiative was launched to fight discrimination against GLBT people, making […]

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