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FOF #2783 – Impeachment and Cream

Well it’s finally happened, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump.

Today comedian Shannon Noll joins us to talk about Trump going nuts on Twitter, predictably calling it a witch hunt, then immediately afterwards called Nancy Pelosi asking if they could “figure something out.”

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FOF #2028 – Trannika Rex Works the Street Festival

Market Days, the Midwest’s largest street festival, is just days away and it’s estimated that over 350,000 thousand people will be in attendance.

Unlike the unwieldy mob of drunk people at the Pride Parade, Market Days is a heck of a lot of fun, with a lot of free entertainment like Belinda Carlisle.

Joining us is Trannika Rex, our twisted sister from another mister to kiki about Chicago drag queens and the vintage musical acts booked for the festival.

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FOF #1693 – My What a Pretty Face

We’re ready for our close-up!

Today we take a look at our faces, what science says about how our faces reveal who we are, and what you can do to flaunt it, or cover it up. How to look your best and figure out what’s inside the book by judging its cover.

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FOF #1588 – Your Beautiful Gay Face

How accurate is someone’s gaydar? A new study from the University of Washington shows that people can guess about 60% of the time if a person is gay.

Listen as we take a look at the new gaydar study, ways to boost your testosterone naturally with supplements and diet, NAACP saying yes we can to Marriage Equality and the Lady Gaga Simpsons episode.

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FOF #1508 – The Transgressive Comedy of Jeffrey Jay

Jeffrey Jay could not resist returning to his comedy roots after transitioning from female to male. Today Jeffrey cultivates a following as one of the few transgender stand up comedians in the country.

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FOF #1461 – The War Against Testosterone

One of the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to health and gender is the role hormones play in our bodies.

Too often bad behavior is blamed on testosterone, when in reality the human body is a very complex system and lack of testosterone can be detrimental to our health.

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