Burlesque for Bodybuilders – Chaka Corn

Jun 16, 2022 · 1985 views

Andrew Slade next to his drag alter ego Chaka Corn. I don’t remember having Chaka Corn! Photos courtesy of Andrew Slade.

Most strip tease shows have a narrow idea on what makes a body beautiful, but newer burlesque shows invite everyone to fearlessly be themselves, no matter how thick or juicy you may be. Even the fellas are getting in on the fun.

The new film Baloney, (now streaming everywhere) tells the surprising story of San Francisco’s beloved Gay All-Male Revue which delights audiences with live performances that lovingly investigate the experience of gay and queer men.

Cast of the film Baloney, photo courtesy of Michael Phillis.

Let’s Grow Big Together! The podcast that makes its own gravy.

In this series, we’re taking a look at the passion for muscle-
how to build it, keep it going, muscle gods and muscle worship.

Today bodybuilder, burlesque performer, drag queen and former college cheerleader Andrew Slade, best known in San Francisco as Chaka Corn, joins us to look at his performance tribe Baloney and how it’s featured in the new documentary film by the same name.

WATCH BALONEY THE FILM: https://www.baloney.film

CHAKA CORN: https://www.instagram.com/chakacorn


Why building muscle in your chest helps to increase sensitivity in your nips.

Connecting for sexy fun with your muscle admirers.

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