Drag Queens vs Fascists

Jun 20, 2022 · 1985 views

Reading is fundamental, but apparently burning books is fundamental to fascists. Pictured: Marc Felion, Dan Cass, Fausto Fernós. Left side: a group of men with ties to the white nationalism arrested outside a Pride event in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. Right: Chicago’s Muffy Fishbasket. Photos: Fausto Fernós and Muffy Fishbasket.

Like St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras, Pride month used to mean drunk, rowdy folks celebrating out in the streets, and now, for some, it means dragging your screaming kids to the local library to see drag queens struggling to read a children’s book.

Fascists are now more critical of drag queens than Aubrey O’Day reading Alyssa Edwards for her perfume ad in Season 5 of Drag Race (look it up). But is all this commotion just a distraction from the January 6 hearings on the Republicans’ sloppy attempt at a political coup to end democracy?

Can’t these furry horned right wing fascists sashay away?

And sashay away he did. Jacob Chansley, the self-described “QAnon Shaman” who infamously marched through the U.S. Capitol with a spear and horned helmet during the Jan. 6 riot, sentenced to 41 months in prison. ⁠Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Today comedian Dan Cass, who sees the January 6th hearings as some of the best theater, joins us to make sense of the storm cloud of madness brewing.


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