Thom Austin – The Healing Power of Building Muscle

Jul 12, 2022 · 1985 views

Thom Austin photos courtesy of Thom Austin.

Almost every great bodybuilding career starts off as a response to some sort of trauma. For some it’s a terrible accident that forces them to give up their dreams of being a superstar athlete, for others it’s mending a broken heart. Amazingly, all these folks turn their trauma into treasure with physiques worthy of legend.

Let’s Grow Big Together: the podcast that’s got 99 problems, but going to the gym helps you ignore all of them.

In this series, we’re taking a look at the passion for muscle-
how to build it, keep it going, muscle gods and muscle worship.

Today Thom Austin, a total muscle silver fox who at the age of 61 stands tall at 6’1” weighing 240 lbs and steals the show in bodybuilding contests, joins us to talk about his journey, from overcoming injuries as a result of being in a car accident to his past as adult film star Bo Dixon.

Thom says his life completely changed once he reached 260 lbs of solid muscle, and today he works as a trainer and coach to help other people not only pack on the muscle, but transform their lives for the better.

Which is harder to do: bulk or cut?

Drinking carbs during your workout and after your workout can grow your muscles like never before.

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