Muscle Worship for Entertainment – Andrew Dombos

Jul 26, 2022 · 1985 views

Andrew Dombos and FLEX, a club night at San Francisco’s Powerhouse leather bar dedicated to celebrating bodybuilders and their fans. Photos courtesy of Andrew Dombos.

Bodybuilding is now a competitive sport, but its roots lie in show business. Strongmen have long been a staple of circus acts for their feats of strength but it was Prussian bodybuilder Eugen Sandow, who, under the management of Florenz Ziegfeld, went from lifting heavy objects onstage to capturing the world’s imagination by posing and flexing his muscles for fun and entertainment.

Ziegfeld was also a pioneer in raising ticket prices, which a front row seat adjusted for today’s inflation would be $55.

Over a hundred years later, there’s a club night called FLEX in San Francisco’s leather bar Powerhouse, which has bodybuilders come show off their muscles and invites the audience to join in on the fun with a best biceps contest.

Today FLEX organizer, bodybuilder and performer Andrew Dombos joins us to talk about putting together his muscle worship quarterly events, inspired by classic live muscle worship videos made by JimmyZ where audiences marvel at muscular physiques.


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