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One of my all time favorite animated films – Alice in Wonderland (The Unbirthday Song)

Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite animated films, because it magically captures the surrealism of the World War II and Post War art movement with some of the best […]

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Carol Channing: Then and Now

Here’s a video collection of some of the highlights from Carol Channing’s career through the years.

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PHOTO: Dog Groomed to Look Like Kathy Griffin

At least we think the dog was groomed to look like Kathy Griffin. From the New York Time’s article on Integroom’s extreme dog grooming competition. The caption read: “Third place went to a dog named […]

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First-Ever Film Version Of ”Alice in Wonderland” (1903)

The first-ever film version of Lewis Carroll’s tale has recently been restored by the BFI National Archive from severely damaged materials. Made just 37 years after Lewis Carroll wrote his novel and eight years after […]

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Malice in Wonderland (NSFW)

I think the best drug to watch this on would be LSD, or maybe pot. (NSFW)

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