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FOF #2970 – America’s Got Talent’s Danger Duo Momma Gigi Deluxe

The headline read: “Simon Cowell Fears The Worst If This Mother/Daughter Danger Act Goes Wrong.” Now we knew they wouldn’t show on America’s Got Talent our friend Gigi Deluxe shooting an arrow straight through her daughter’s head, but Gigi’s friends still held their breath as she shot arrows through balloons, inches away from her daughter’s face.

Today Gigi Deluxe, the Danger Duo momma from America’s Got Talent joins us to look at shooting arrows at her daughter on national TV, how she knows her aim is straight and what she thought of Howie Mandell who didn’t like her act.

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FOF #2969 – Comedian Julia Scotti is Funny That Way

In the 80s, Julia was a regular alongside other comedy legends like Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Seinfeld. Julia’s raunchy humor was a hit on cable TV and she regularly opened for the day’s top musical acts.

At the time, Julia identified as male but in 2000, she left comedy to begin her transition and to find a more stable career. Now at the age of 63, Julia’s going back to her lifelong passion- stand-up comedy.

The new documentary ““Julia Scotti: Funny That Way” takes us on Julia’s journey back into the comedy spotlight as a sensation on America’s Got Talent

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FOF #2431 – Scott Heierman is a Pretty Bearded Lady

Not all drag queens are clowns in ball gowns, some are just goofy. Our guest today got her start as a theme park mascot while working at Disneyland as Goofy then went on to become the queen of the judges’ hearts on America’s Got Talent.

Today, Scott Heierman, a very pretty bearded lady, who Howard Stern described as a hot she-wolf, joins us to talk about her roller coaster ride through America’s Got Talent and how she plans to make her big comeback.

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VIDEO: Drag Queen Makes it onto America’s Got Talent After Three Tries

A drag queen makes it onto America’s Got Talent after his third time. He’s surprisingly hot out of drag.

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VIDEO: ”Fierceness” Interpretation Of ”Bad Romance” by Daniel Joseph Baker

Cute kid, indomitably prissy (the best kind of prissy!) gaybie, and an unforgettable talent.  Daniel Joseph Baker strutted onto the stage on America’s Got Talent and transformed “Bad Romance” into his own theme song.  Wonderful […]

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FOF #1297 – Teri Yaki’s Got Talent

Our drag queen gal pal Teri Yaki wasinvited to audition for the reality TV show America’s Got Talent based on her performance from our live podcast at Steamworks. Like most gay divas, it looks like she’ll get her big break from performing in a gay men’s bathhouse.

On today’s show the wacky and tacky Teri Taki joins us to talk about her Christmas wish, her drag audition and the new Civil Unions in Illinois.

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VIDEO: Prince Poppycock on America’s Got Talent

Prince Poppycock outdoes himself with an outrageous American themed spectacle. He even pays tribute to Harvey Milk.

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