FOF #2970 – America’s Got Talent’s Danger Duo Momma Gigi Deluxe

Jul 8, 2021 · 1985 views

The Danger Duo Gigi Deluxe and her daughter Devon. Photos courtesy of America’s Got Talent / NBC Television.

The headline read: “Simon Cowell Fears The Worst If This Mother/Daughter Danger Act Goes Wrong.” Now we knew they wouldn’t show on America’s Got Talent our friend Gigi Deluxe shooting an arrow straight through her daughter’s head, but Gigi’s friends still held their breath as she shot arrows through balloons, inches away from her daughter’s face.

Way back in 2005, the gorgeous Gigi Deluxe was one of the first guests on Feast of Fun, and at that time Gigi was one of Chicago’s most celebrated nightlife personalities. Since then, Gigi Deluxe has moved to New Orleans where she’s cultivated her circus act in archery, impalement and sword swallowing.

Today Gigi Deluxe, the Danger Duo momma from America’s Got Talent joins us to look at shooting arrows at her daughter on national TV, how she knows her aim is straight and what she thought of Howie Mandel who didn’t like her act.


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