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FOF #2728 – Naughty Boys Need Love Too

Comedians often get asked by people they hook up with, “Are you going to talk about me in your act? For comedian Zach Zimmerman, the answer is yes.

Today, the hilarious Zach Zimmerman joins us to talk about his debut comedy album “Clean Comedy” where he covers dating and casting his own dong for his boyfriend.

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FOF #1895 – Ariel Italic’s in Bold

One of the fun things about RuPaul’s Drag Race is imagining yourself competing against the world’s most sickoning queens, so the fabulous Reddit community for the show developed their own Lip Sync for Your Life contest on YouTube, or as we like to call it Drag Race at Home.

Today we’re chatting with the winner Ariel Italic, the beautiful creation of performer Chris Kelly who enjoyed lip syncing so much at home, he’s now taking it out to the streets and into the bars of New York City!

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VIDEO: Deven Green “Welcome To My Bath House”

Deven Green is at again with with a parody of Angela Landsbury’s vanity video.

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