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Photo: Hanging Out With NZ’s Egg Lady

Angela, Aaron & I say a big hello from Wellington, New Zealand. And yes, she is even cooler in person. =v)

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Glitter Day 2012 – Aotearoa/New Zealand

I like to corral people at my house and test out cosmetics on them—for fun, not profit—so I arranged to do so for the second ever Glitter Day, catered for the Southern Hemisphere summer with […]

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IMAGES: Equal Representation in Drag

Just thought I’d post some drag king photos of myself, since we mostly see drag queens here. 😉 Link goes to set on Flickr. If you guess my inspiration to be “Googled for ‘Johnny Depp […]

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FOF #1361 – Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

What if we were all inside an egg inside an egg inside Lady Gaga’s egg-shaped vessel? Think about it people.

Today, artist and blogger Angela Wells joins us to crack the case on the origins of egg decorating, strange party games and how the humble egg has inspired everyone from ancient Persians, to chocolatiers to Lady Gaga.

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