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FOF #2922 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music 2020, Vol. 11 – Christmas Boogaloo

No holiday puts it all out there like Christmas! When people from all kinds of cultures and traditions come together, the food, music and celebrations regardless of who you are can be marvelous.

Today we wrap up our sixteenth season of podcasting with our holiday celebration: “Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol.11”- wonderfully weird songs we think deserve a spot on your playlist this year.

Listen as we dive into Pete Rodriguez, the godfather of Latin Boogaloo music, a fusion of soul, rhythm & blues and Caribbean music that captivated Harlem dance halls in the 60s and 70s and changed the musical landscape forever.

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VIDEO: Adult Film Parody of the Golden Girls

It was bound to happen- and adult film version of the Golden Girls. Thankfully, the ladies are a bit younger than than the classic cast and the guys are cute too! There is no real plot and I don’t know if they will have margaritas out on the linai. (NSFW)

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Golden Girls: the Reality Series?

You read that correctly.  If you haven’t heard yet, a show called Sunset Daze premiered last night on WE.  Basically, it takes the premise of the classic sitcom Golden Girls to a new level and documents the lives of a […]

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New Blog: Bea Arthur, Mountains, Pizza

Here’s a quick and tasty blog dedicated to composite images of Bea Arthur, mountains and pizza. Delicious an mountany, with a touch of golden girl sass. Thank you for being a delicious, mountain fresh friend. […]

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FOF #975 – A Salute to Bea Arthur

Comedy actress Bea Arthur, best known for her starring roles in the hit TV sitcoms. Maude and The Golden Girls. died of cancer over the weekend. She was 86. Today we take look at the […]

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