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FOF #1223 – Jessica Halem Likes You

Comedian Jessica Halem joins us to talk about living in New Orleans after the devastation of hurricane Katrina and the impact of the BP Ecological disaster. Jessica is touring through out the country with her hilarious one woman show. Catch it if you can!

Listen as we talk with Jessica about life in New Orleans, Michigan Womyn’s Fest and all the hot hews.

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VIDEO: The Schoolhouse Rock Bill Is Pi$$ed Off at BP

“Whoa! I wonder who that super pissed-off, angry scrap of paper is.” Don’t worry small child, he’s just a bill.

Lady Gaga Joins BP Boycott

Remember the days when we didn’t have a dirty, oil soaked Gulf coast? Unless you’ve been living under an oil covered rock the last two and a half months, you may have missed that we […]

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VIDEO: BP Spills Coffee

Here we thought BP was only good at spilling oil, take a look what happens when they spill coffee in the board room!

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BP Should Follow Their Own Policy


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BP Enrages the Grannies

When you piss off the grannies, you know your goose is cooked.

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