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FOF #1862 – Coco Peru Comes to Chicago

One of our favorite guests is Coco Peru, best known for her hilarious appearances in the films Too Wong Foo and Trick where she famously says “It BURNS!”

Today, Coco Peru joins us to talk about her live talk show series with celebrated artists like Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Karen Black and the life lessons we’ve learned from interviewing these big but approachable stars.

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FOF #1861 – Love to Love You Baby

If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

That’s real nice advice coming from RuPaul, but how do you even start to love yourself?

Most people’s problems don’t stem from a lack of desire to make things better, it comes from not knowing where to begin. On top of that, all of advertising is counting on you feeling lousy about yourself.

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FOF #1676 – Hard to Look At

Men’s locker rooms are a curious thing. You put enough guys together in a private space and sexy hijinks are bound to happen. Our friend Eric Clements recently had an unwelcome encounter in one he didn’t know how to handle, so today we’re helping him make sense of it.

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FOF #1671 – The Worst Halloween Movies Ever

The ghoulish gal from San Francisco, Peaches Christ, joins us to look at the worst Halloween themed films ever made, Paul Lynde’s Halloween TV special and classic films that feature Halloween as a theme.

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VIDEO: Semper Fi Britney Spears!

U.S. Marines Rocking Out to Britney Spears in Afghanistan are the Bomb! (Sorry Gaga)

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VIDEO: Keep on Lip Syncing Till the World Ends

Your first look at not one but 2 verisons for Britney Spears new track: “Till the World Ends.” One version of the video will be “Britney’s Sweet Cheeto Kisses Cut,” the other a “Director’s Cut.” […]

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VIDEO: La Coacha’s Blonde Ambition

My favorite Mexican firecracker La Coacha is back with a new video “Blonde Ambition” where she tries to decide who the reigning Queen of Pop is, amidst the buzz of Lady Gaga “stealing” Madonna’s song […]

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VIDEO: Britney Spears & Jimmy Kimmel Get Tattoos

Then Brit performs her new single “Till The World Ends” live! Well, at least the audience was live.

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Britney Spears GMA Leak!

Our favorite middle aged pop princess taped a performance for “Good Morning America,” airing March 29th, but audience videos are already popping up on Perez Hilton and YouTube. Brit’s set consists of “Hold It Against […]

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Britney Spears’ Former Bodyguard Is Holding It Against Her

Britney Spears’ former bodyguard is suing the pop star for $14 million for sexual harassment, claiming the singer was relentless in her pursuit of him and she even sent him embarrassing nude pictures from her […]

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