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FOFA #1805 – The Purrrfect Legacy of Eartha Kitt

Since Valentina portrayed Eartha Kitt on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 we’ve been thinking about this lovely interview we did with Eartha Kitt’s daughter Kitt Shapiro.

Please enjoy this classic podcast where we talk with Kitt about growing up the daughter of the amazing artist Eartha Kitt.

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FOF #2651 – Julie Falls in Love with Norway

Audiences have fallen in love with cabaret singer Julie Cascioppo on Season Nine of Alt For Norge– where 12 Americans of Norwegian descent eat fish eyeballs, clean latrines and retrace their roots back to Norway.

Today, Julie joins us to talk about Seattle’s drag and performance scene and her unconventional singing techniques to invite prosperity into your life.

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FOF #2288 – Randy Harrison Wants You to Come to the Cabaret

Our modern gay identity can trace many of its roots to the city of Berlin, Germany where the concepts of gay rights, queer culture and solidarity arose during the VIE MAR Weimar Republic until tragically crushed by the rise of the Nazis.

Today, actor Randy Harrison, best known for playing the sexy young twink, Justin Taylor on the Showtime drama Queer as Folk, joins us to talk about starring as the emcee in the new touring production of the musical Cabaret, which takes place during this critical time in Germany’s history.

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FOF #1805 – The Purrrfect Legacy of Eartha Kitt

The late great Eartha Kitt is probably best remembered for her role as the iconic Catwoman on TV’s Batman as well as for her provocative songs. Eartha took her show all over the world, and along for the ride, was her daughter Kitt, who Eartha took everywhere.

Joining us today is Kitt Shapiro, who is now dedicating her life to preserving her mother’s legacy with the lifestyle brand Simply Eartha.

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FOF #1417 – Amy Armstrong Sails the Seven Seas

Bon Voyage! Today we’re taking you on a fabulous adventure with one of our favorite cabaret divas Amy Armstrong!

Join us as we talk with Amy about how we thwart our own creative process, feeling fabulous at forty, and how the world can open up to you again if you just let it happen.

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New International Drag Day Website Live!

Some people are born to be extraordinary Check out the brand new International Drag Day website! If you are hosting an event then make sure you submit it to the site!

Cabaret Diva Melissa Young’s Christmas Spectacular

Hey Kids! My Hubby and I do this instead of sending holiday cards. We like to recreate holiday specials with our own madness twist! Enjoy lovelies and have the Most Madonna filled New Year! Meow! […]

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FOF #1099 – Jackie Hoffman is Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore

Comedian Jackie Hoffman talks about her comedy cabaret “Whining in the Windy City” which promises to skewer everything that is merry for the holidays, including her frustrations with her role as Grandmama in the Addams Family musical.

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FOF #787 – Scooty & JoJo Do It All

They met nine years ago and today, like us, spend their time working, laughing and creating together. On today’s show, Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax, the real-life gay couple behind the Scooty and JoJo show, […]

FOF #100 – A Low Life in High Heels, part 1

Today we celebrate our 100th show with a fabulous conversation with the film actress, cabaret signer, author and living legend Holly Woodlawn about her book “A Low Life in High Heels” that’s being made into […]

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