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Pin Hole Camera Egg

Artist Francesco Capponi has created a pinhole camera from an egg. The artist places the photo emulsion on the inside of the egg, takes a photo, and then let’s the image get exposed on the […]

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VIDEO: Polaroids are back, Thanks Lady Gaga!

What is more retro than a Polaroid camera? Aside from everything owned by a hipster, not much. Thanks to Lady Gaga, this year at CES2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) Polaroids are back with a new line called Grey […]

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VIDEO: Squirrel Flees Turkey

A trail camera caught this video with audio of a scared squirrel crashing into the camera.

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70 Billion Pixels: World’s Highest Resolution Photograph

And you thought your 5.0 megapixel iPhone camera takes great pictures.  Check this out, and zoooooooooom in! 70 Billion Pixels – Budapest

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