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FOF #1709 – How to Put on a Show

Everyone in San Francisco loves Peaches Christ’s movie events where she and her drag queen gal pals put on a crazy little show before the screening of a cult film, on time.

How does she do it?

Listen as we talk about how you too can put on a fabulous show in your neck of the woods, and get all the drag queens to show up on time.

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Good Morning America: Britney LIVE in the Castro

Morning Wood: Britney Spears will be performing live on Good Morning America to promote her new album on March 29 from San Francisco!

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Castro Regrets the Treatment of the Gays in Cuba After the Revolution

This is a translation of a Spanish Article that ran in La Jornada– Although Castro appears at ease, I don’t think he’s going to like what I have to say to him. Commander, all the […]

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