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Yikes! Severed Head of Patron Saint of Genital Diseases and Disorders is Up for Sale

The severed head of St Vitalis of Assisi is up for sale and there’s no telling how much this head, that was last alive in 1370 will fetch at market. Vitalis was a good time […]

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Writer Anne Rice Quits the Church

Novelist Anne Rice, who is famous for her vampire books has left the Catholic Church, which she joined in the 90s, much to the surprise of her readers.

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Have Latino Catholics Become Liberal?

A new study suggests that Latino Catholics are more accepting of gays than their protestant counterpoints.

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FOF #851 – Kneeling Before God

Gay people are the backbone of many of the world’s great religions, but sadly under difficult times these Churches scapegoat some of their most beloved members. High ranking Catholic Church officials blamed the scandalous cover […]

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