Writer Anne Rice Quits the Church

Aug 2, 2010 · 1985 views

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Novelist Anne Rice, who is famous for her vampire books has left the Catholic Church, which she joined in the 90s, much to the surprise of her readers.


  1. Gerald Cole says:

    Anne Rice is one of my heroes in literature. She allows the reader to become a part of history. Her books on Jesus gave us a possible perspective that was brilliant! I have been an avid reader of books about the life of Jesus ever since, and am working on my own writing ideas because of her inspiration. If people truly knew the Bible and the truths in it they would cast doubt on organized religion left and right. The catholic Church is not based on the teachings of Christ, but on the teachings of Paul. He actually contradicts Christ and changes Him into a figure different than the message Jesus taught. Why is Mary a virgin? Why is that so important? And why, if it is the cornerstone of the religion, is it only mentioned by two out of the four writers we use as our source of Christianity? So many questions and so few people know the answers. But Anne Rice allowed us to glimpse into some of the possible truths that may have existed.

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