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Homoerotic Body Worship in Nazi Germany

Christian Adams wanted to find out what people were reading in Nazi Germany from 1933 till 1945. He surveyed about 350 books and besides the well known Nazi propaganda like “Mein Kampf” he also found […]

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FOF #1275 – A Gay Conspiracy for Fabulousness

Today we’re joined by writer and zine publisher Larry-bob Roberts, who for over two decades has been boldly creating a cultural ecosystem for alternative gay voices in zines and blogs.

His new book- “The International Homosexual Conspiracy,” a collection of rants on a wide range of topics, from getting turned on by your own bully to the mainstreaming of underground culture.

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Writer Anne Rice Quits the Church

Novelist Anne Rice, who is famous for her vampire books has left the Catholic Church, which she joined in the 90s, much to the surprise of her readers.

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Undercover at a Gay Conversion Camp

Ted Cox-My Journey Into Manhood

Rev. Ted Haggard’s Wife

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Is she delusional that she believes her husband is no longer feeling “compulsion to act on his homosexuality” or is she in on […]

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