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FOF #2370 – X-Men: Swimsuit Edition

For years, fans of superstar athletes and comic book superheroes have had a love-hate relationship with their ripped bodies. Despite their obvious sex appeal, some folks aren’t liking how Captain America or gymnast Sam Mikulak have been turned into pin-up models.

Today, nightclub community organizer, comedian Adam Guerino joins us to take a look at the very real and imagined world of sexualized super heroes and superstar athletes.

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FOF #2317 – Color My Love

Anyone who has ever had a bad break up knows that there are many different ways to cope with a broken heart- some sing, some dance, some fuck the pain away, but for others, they get crafty.

Our guest today is artist Nathan Rapport, who created an adult coloring book as a way to deal with his own broken heart. His book “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me,” features an erotic collection of gay men getting it on.

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FOF #2296 – Deadpool Busts The Shit Out of the Box Office

With over $500 million in global sales, Marvel’s box office success with Deadpool has finally shown Hollywood that audiences are snark hungry for a modern pansexual superhero.

Our guest today is comic book writer, teacher, illustrator and publisher Justin Hall, best known for creating Glamazonia, a super powered gender fluid hero and co-creating Hard To Swallow, an anthology series of erotic queer comics.

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FOF #2127 – How to Have Nice Things

A quiet war has been brewing over the right of video game fans to make and play outrageous anti-social video games. At the core of the controversy, Gamergate shows how some have lost the ability to engage constructively with people they disagree with and instead attack them in some of the most vicious ways possible.

But it doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Joining us today is Zan Christensen, from Northwest Press, to explain how we can better handle conflict online.

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FOF #1777 – Fabulous Gay Moments in Comic Book History

Holy homoerotic undertones Batman! Gay folks sure love comic book superheroes.

We all can identify with characters who aren’t like “normal” people and have to hide their secret identities or maybe it’s just their perfect bodies in colorful tight spandex?

Today supergeek Brian Sweeney talks about fabulous real gay moments in comic book history.

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VIDEO: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Don’t miss this fabulous documentary on every gay boy’s favorite super heroine.

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FOF #1727 – Game of Thrones

Every year, Bill Cruz puts together a meaty list of Chicago comedians he’d like to get freaky with.

This year many of Chicago’s hunks and skunks of comedy are in an uproar, because many of them felt left out even though they texted him photo of their junk.

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IMAGE: Sexy Super Hero Hunks

I would mind polishing their Hall of Justice.

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FOF #1610 – Happy Have Your Photo Taken with a Gay Person Day

Over the weekend and all across the country, a record number of straight identifying people showed up for Pride celebrations or what we like to call “Have Your Photo Taken with a Gay Person Day.”

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IMAGE: Green Lantern Gay Kiss

The Green Lantern has been reintroduced as gay and it looks like they aren’t going to shy away from romance. They’ve also beefed up his powers so he’ll be as strong as Superman.

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