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Gay Comics on Your iPad? Not So Fast…

Yesterday on, comics writer Charles “Zan” Christensen (The Mark of Aeacus) explored the role of LGBT comics in the iPad digital revolution. Given Apple’s strict content guidelines and technical limitations of its iBooks store for […]

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IMAGE: Preview of the Ground Breaking Archie Comic’s New Gay Character Kevin

Here it is folks! Archie Comics just posted the cover for their groundbreaking new character in the “Archie-verse” Kevin Keller, and he’s dreamy. The comic will be for sale in September and features a storyline […]

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Archie Comic New Gay Teen Character! – Interview with writer and artist Dan Parent

Interview with artist and writer Dan Parent, who tells us that Archie Comics is planning to create a new gay teen character named Kevin.

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Teabaggers Upset Marvel Comics Turned Them Into ’Supervillains’

It seems there’s a new third rail in American politics — don’t mess with the Tea Partiers — and Marvel Comics has inadvertently grabbed it with both hands. And even though members of the Tea […]

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“The Other Family” – “The Family Circus” With a Sadistic Twist!

I’m quite certain that many of us had parents who cut out and pasted “The Family Circus” cartoons on their refrigerators when we were much younger.  The comic, which features members of the Keane family […]

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