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FOF #2729 – America is Hot for Mayor Pete

This Palm Sunday we got a new gay messiah- substitute a donkey for the old Studebaker car factory and instead of the title of Prince of Peace, we may one day have President of the United States of America Pete Buttigieg.

Today we are taking a look at whether America will swipe right for Pete like he did when he met his future husband on a hook-up app. And if he was once on a dating app, where are his shirtless pics?

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FOF #1424 – Cameron Esposito is in Love with You

Oh the crazy things we do when we’re in love. Many people lament not being in a relationship, while others go insane feeling trapped by their loved ones.

Today the hilarious Cameron Esposito joins us to take a look at how the nation’s changing attitude towards Marriage Equality affects us.

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