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FOF #2602 – The Magic of Your Vibrations

I’m obsessed with the Hallmark channel series Good Witch, where a mysterious woman moves into a small town and starts turning the lives of the townsfolk around with her witchy goodness.

When life gives you a challenge, how you approach it can greatly affect the outcome. But just like medicine, sometimes positive spells can a dark side

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FOF #2011 – Hilarious Sexual Fetishes

Have you heard of Rule 34? Although it’s a “fake” rule, it speaks the truth: everything is something sexual to somebody.

No matter how outlandish it is, people will find a way to sexualize practically anything. Today we let our freak flag fly freely and take a look at some of the hilarious and kooky sexual fetishes people not only enjoy, but dedicate whole websites to.

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VIDEO: Lady Like Cupcakes

I don’t know if I’d spend the time making these but I bet they taste really good.

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FOF #1263 – Hold on for One More Day

Things have been a pretty rough for queer folks lately with the recent suicides of four young gay men as a result of school bullying. People everywhere are outraged and saddened over these terrible tragedies and are left wondering how to cope with this enormous loss.

On today’s show we’re taking a look at our own struggles with staying happy and offer some lighthearted reasons not to kill yourself.

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Mmm Lady Gaga Cupcakes

Lady YumYum, I want your bad fondant. — From 9Gaga

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The Periodic Table of Cupcakes

Katherine from the blog “Foodie Friday” helped to bake for her little sister’s birthday party the entire Periodic table of elements, each represented by a cupcake. She affectionately calls her sister a “chemistry nerd” but […]

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Gigi Comes Over for a Visit

Our friend Gigi Deluxe comes over to tape a podcast and brings over Red Velvet Cupcakes and stickers! Whooo. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes | YouTube | […]

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