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Federal Judge: DADT Unconstitutional and Must Be Halted

A federal judge on Thursday declared the U.S. military’s ban on openly gay service members unconstitutional and said she will issue an order to stop the government from enforcing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy […]

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Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach Sues to Block Discharge Under DADT!

Link to NYT Article This is an egregious implementation of “D.A.D.T.” and proof positive of why it not only should be repealed, but how it has a negative impact on our armed forces…

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Back from Netroots Nation and have I got a story for you

I was right there when Dan Choi hopped onto the stage to embrace Harry Reid at Netroots Nation. Get my take.

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SLDN Advises Against Service Members Completing Pentagon’s DADT Survey

Surveys are a funny thing.  If written properly, they are valuable research tools that can gauge attitudes, beliefs, and opinions on anything you want to know. However, when a survey is written in a way that […]

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Dear Mr. President: YOU GOT SERVED!

Yesterday Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Jim Pietrangelo–the two gay soldiers who in an iconic move chained themselves to the White House fence this Spring–served the President… with a subpoena. You remember the exclusive pictures […]

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VIDEO – I Think We’re Alone Now – Military Style

As someone else commented when I saw this originally on Facebook: We don’t have to ask– we can already tell! Happy Pride Weekend to all!

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Dan Choi’s fast ends fast–but will it be back?

The fast ends fast for Lt. Dan Choi, but will he be be picking it back up again sooner than we think?

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Mike Rogers Outs Mark Kirk… or Does He?

Are a couple college same-sex hook-ups enough evidence to call a man in his 50s gay? Mike Rogers seems to think so, but what do you think?

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Is Mike Rogers about to out Mark Kirk?

Madonna had a tale to tell. Mike Rogers, apparently does as well–and its about what Mark Kirk ISN’T telling us.

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BREAKING: House of Representative approves ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal

The DADT repeal compromise has passed the house, and now goes to the Senate–but after that the firings may continue ad infinitum until the Pentagon completes its part in the repeal, and the White House forces changes in Defense policy.

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