SLDN Advises Against Service Members Completing Pentagon’s DADT Survey

Jul 10, 2010 · 1985 views

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Surveys are a funny thing.  If written properly, they are valuable research tools that can gauge attitudes, beliefs, and opinions on anything you want to know. However, when a survey is written in a way that […]


  1. Curtis says:

    I find the whole idea of this survey, or the need to ask service members their thoughts on the matter at all to be deeply offensive. The Military is not a democratic institution. It does not operate by consulting service members on any policy matter. It is a strictly hierarchical system that operates on orders, and obedience and discipline. When other major structural social changes were made like desegregating the armed forces or allowing women to serve, there was no solicitation of the opinions of service members as part of the process of whether or not there should be a change. The Change was simply made, wither ordered from the Commander in Chief who has constitutional authority over the armed forces, or through laws passed by Congress.

    Why is that only when it comes to letting those damn homos serve do we solicit any opinion from the service members? What’s the point? If a majority report being intractably bigoted do we just give in and not change the discriminatory policy? It doesn’t make any sense unless the administration or the high command is looking for an excuse to keep DADT.

    The survey really comes down to one question: are you an anti-Gay bigot, and would you flip out if you had to work next to an openly Gay person. The answer to this question is not one we need to know in order to address the injustice of the DADT policy. We only need to know that an injustice is being done and as a democracy that supposedly works to end injustice, end the stupid policy already. Obama needs to tell the high command to get over their cheap selves and end the policy already. The Democrats in congress with the 60%+ public approval for ending the policy need to take the issue and end it as a matter of law and be done with it.

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