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FOF #1805 – The Purrrfect Legacy of Eartha Kitt

The late great Eartha Kitt is probably best remembered for her role as the iconic Catwoman on TV’s Batman as well as for her provocative songs. Eartha took her show all over the world, and along for the ride, was her daughter Kitt, who Eartha took everywhere.

Joining us today is Kitt Shapiro, who is now dedicating her life to preserving her mother’s legacy with the lifestyle brand Simply Eartha.

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FOF #1120 – Gay Marriage Showdown

Today Federal courts in California could decide the future of gay marriage in the United States. Our cute gay ex-Mormon friend J Seth Anderson joins us to chat about marriage equality and polygamy and what, if anything, the Mormons have in common with the gays.

In the news: the Simpsons air their 20th anniversary episode, hi-jinks with the gay Chicago press, a Chicago lesbian bar closes, Nevada legalizes gay prostitution, and an intersected crime lord.

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The Late Eartha Kitt’s Final Performance on the Simpsons’ 20th Anniversary Show

I can now die a happy man. On the 20th anniversary show of the Simpsons, Krusty the clown plans to get married and Bart and Milhouse try to stop the wedding ceremony by playing interview […]

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FOF #905 – Joining the Impact

January is named after Janus, the Greek god of beginnings and endings. On today’s show we take a look back at last year and look forward to what’s to come. Did we stop the hate […]

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Goodbye Eartha Kitt

We’re sad to announce that legendary singer, dancer, actress and outspoken diva Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day at the age of 81. How fitting for someone who was best known for her song “Santa […]

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