FOF #905 – Joining the Impact

Jan 8, 2009 · 1985 views

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January is named after Janus, the Greek god of beginnings and endings. On today’s show we take a look back at last year and look forward to what’s to come. Did we stop the hate […]


  1. Found a photo of Scott Evans, Chris Evan’s gay brother:

    Scott Evans, Chris Evan's gay brother

  2. Michael D says:

    oh he is cute!

    I just totally love that a tangent about myspace, tables, and css came up in conversation.

  3. that was a really good impression of the immortal Ethel Merman Mr Fausto!!!! 😀

  4. Thank you Tracy! I would love to see you doing “learn how to sing” videos!

  5. I’d tell them it’s all the the balls and grab thier balls to make them sing higher LOL LOL

  6. CharlesVer33 says:

    Welcome back guys! Another great show, great hearing Amy Balliett in her own words. I always figured Facebook had overtaken MySpace, but it was interesting to hear why.

  7. but being that it’s a computer tutorial I would have to then ask them to sing to me how it feels. I will put them in vocal catagories based on how big thier balls are. Sopranno=acorn sized / Alto=walnut sized / Tenor=apple sized / Bass=grapefruit sized / anything bigger then grapefruit=better get that checked out LOL LOL

  8. And of course you would want to do the measurement in person!

  9. CharlesVer33 says:

    I think Tracy should do singing techniques for trannies as a video blog. This is the voice I want to sing!

  10. Speaking of Chris Evan shirtless, did you guys know your wallpaper montage of Chris sans shirt is being promoted on DNA?

  11. Cool! He’s so hot but I’d take the brother too!

  12. Cliff Dix says:

    YAY! Marc & Fausto are back! I sure missed you guys. Sounds like you had a great road trip. Lots of fun with lots of sexy hot listeners. I loved Fausto’s tribute to Eartha Kitt at the end. Very sweet and his impersonation was like she was back with us just for a little while. Thank you.

  13. That was the funniest open ever! Had me laughing out loud as I walked down the street trying to catch my bus.

  14. RcktMan says:

    You want great moments? This show had two…

    The open was absolutely hysterically funny. Marc sounded like he was gargling with mouthwash… (It’s OK, Marc, I can’t roll my “R’s” like that, either… ) I was literally laughing out loud, and I was listening later at night when my neighbors were probably asleep. Oh well, tough. 🙂

    The end was poignant and touching. When I heard that Eartha Kitt died, my first thought was of you, Fausto. Thank you for sharing the letter and the moment you had with Eartha. We’re definitely going to miss her.

  15. Fausto, I think that song you were trying to remember is “How Do You Talk To An Angel.” I’ve actually heard it on the radio a few times in the past few years.

  16. patrick says:

    yaaay!!! finally, a fresh new show! all is well now…

  17. How DO you talk to a muddafreakin angel?

  18. Kudos for speaking to Amy guys. This show was chock full of goodness! All this time I thought I was just trying to get my little circle of friends out into the streets. Nice and affirming to know we’re part of a wonderful movement. How did Fausto put it, a hate destroying machine. It’s so great to live in these times!

    I also had an intimate experience with Eartha. She visited the hospice I worked in along with the cast from a Wizard of Oz production. She was wandering the halls visiting with residents and I went to check on her before I served lunch. I saw her walk out of a residents room tears streaming down her face. She made a beeline into the altar room and just stared at this large buddha for about 10 minutes. After that she wiped away the tears and composing herself, she walked to the dining room and she was “totally on” and dazzled everyone. The only thing she consumed was some green tea. She turned to me and said, “they tell me this is terrrribly healthy my dear.”

    Sooooo happy to have you guys back!!!

  19. What an awesome story about Eartha. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Nick says:

    I’m soooo greatful that the shows are back.

    You don’t know how many bus and train journeys you’ve made bareable!!!

    Keep up the fantastic work,

    lots of love xx

  21. Curtis says:

    So glad you guys are back.

    Thanks for interviewing Amy. Its such an exciting time for our community. I would love to have heard her thoughts, and yours too, on how the ease of the web based grassroots activism has caused a proliferation of spontaneous actions to the point that it is overwhelming. I’m very concerned that we diminish our ability to get big crowds, garner media attention and get the respect of policy makers when there are so many actions, petitions and proposed marches that without some degree of centralization nobody knows which event to put their limited time, talents, efforts and financial resources into.

    I would also take slight issue with Amy’s analysis of the impact of the Marriage Equality fights on other rights. It might be true that if we win marriage equality the other rights may come easily, but does that really justify taking on probably the most difficult and hard to achieve fight? So many of our other rights that we are missing have been sidelined by this fight. Many of them would be achievable in a shorter period of time, and impact the entire community, not just those in relationships. I hate to see them all sidelined until we win marriage equality. With 37 states having proscribed marriage inequality in the last decade, reversing this trend could take decades. Even a Federal Supreme Court ruling in our favor doesn’t guarantee that states will reverse their laws. Many states still have sodomy laws on the books, with some legislatures flat out saying they are just waiting around for a reversal of the Lawrence vs. Texas ruling.

  22. PureeTofu says:

    Seriously cracked up at the sound of Mark sounding like a motor boat in the beginning…. seriously, sounded like an Evenrude!

    We will miss you Eartha Kitt!

    Also, great to hear how Join the Impact started! Great show guys.

  23. Robert says:

    Eartha at the Plaza was actually recorded at a nightclub in Palm Springs. They figured using the ” Plaza ” name would have more appeal in sales, ect.

  24. Really? That’s not what Eartha told me.

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