FOF #906 – Doma-Bama

Jan 9, 2009 · 1985 views

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Bad cops, no donuts! That’s one of Andy Thayer’s favorite chants. Andy is a hard working longtime activist fighting for gay and lesbian rights with the Gay Liberation Network. Andy is leading this weekend’s demonstration […]


  1. nite in shining armour says:

    If you have to be told not to mess with a panda bear, you have more than just one problem with you.

  2. SpaulT says:

    Great show guys. It’s great to hear from guys like Andy Thayer who are out there representing and fighting for our community. Great Miss Kitty voice Fausto, and lastly go Gu Gu!

  3. Nick says:

    That letter sound horrific!!!!
    Keep us posted with updated.

    On a lighter note, I’m SOOO greatful that the shows are back! You’re keeping me SANE during exam season.

    Love it and love you guys.

  4. I like to listen to Andy Thayer. I think he is a well educated, smart guy.

    And yes, it is cold as hell in Europe at the moment. Already since 2 weeks it has been really cold in Germany. The lowest temperature was in south Germany, Bavaria with about 34 (Celsius) degrees minus. Last weekend I went to shopping outlet near Stuttgart with friends, on the way back it was 20 degrees minus. Where is global warming? I need it now! 😉

  5. CT says:

    Great show! Listening to Andy is refreshing, I love his views on politics, looking at what REALLY is going on behind the facades. I also was inspired by what he says about making politicians accountable for the promises they make by staging protests, making our voices heard beyond what has been accopmlished.

    Fausto—you would not become the first openly gay alderman or Puerto Rican alderman in Chicago but I still think you should run! LOL

  6. Thank you Andy! Keep on keeping on.

    Marc, I was dying over the hidden Koran in bible joke. 🙂

    And, Fausto I just LOVE your latina accents. The Maria Jinosa Latino USA was divine!

  7. Thanks Tricky! By the way, she’s a real person.

    And a very PROUD latino/a. (yes, that weird gender neutral slash gets used a lot! )

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