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FOF #2150 – Hillary Runs for President, Shocking!

Hilary Clinton launched her campaign by throwing shade at the country’s rich and under taxed, but like most candidates she won’t be nailing down any specifics just yet.

Today gay rights activist Andy Thayer joins us to tell us why, even though Clinton will most likely be the next president, it’s so important to get your ass out on the street to protest the Supreme Court over Marriage Equality because the ruling could be about a whole more than just marriage.

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FOF #1840 – To Russia With Love

As Russia escalates its horrific crackdown on LGBT people, there’s a lot of talk happening about how to best support LGBT Russians, with some calling the Vodka Boycott misguided because it doesn’t take into consideration the wishes of actual Russian gay activists.

Joining us today is Andy Thayer from Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network, who has tirelessly fought  for years to bring attention to the situation happening in Russia and has even been arrested several times for participating in Pride parades in Moscow.

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FOF #1729 – All Eyes Are on Honduras

Since a government coup in 2009, some 87 LGBT Hondurans, including many of their top leaders, have been the victim of a systematic campaign of targeted hate crimes and political assassinations.

Today we’re joined by one of Honduras’ LGBT rights leaders, Jose “Pepe” Palacios, who is currently traveling the US speaking about the struggle for equality in Honduras.

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Cardinal George, You’ve Got to be Kidding

Nope.  You really are that much of a bigot. In comparing LGBT rights activists to the KKK — and then repeatedly refusing to apologize or even distance himself from this outrageous comment — Chicago’s Cardinal […]

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VIDEO: Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia

Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia. Transgender activists in Russia are making their contribution to the international LGBT movement. In this video, GayRussia activist Anna Komarova talks about some of the ground-breaking activities taking […]

FOF #1391 – I Survived Gay Pride in Russia

The European Council on Human Rights may have ruled that the Russian people have a right to hold a Pride Parade, but that didn’t stop the authorities in Moscow from banning it anyway.

Today, Andy Thayer joins us fresh from his return from Russia (with love) to share his amazing story of participating in the Pride Parade and what it was like to face down hunky but violent Russian police officers and fascists.

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The Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia

On May 28 a sprinkling of international activists and I joined with members of GayRussia to participate in the Moscow Pride demonstration which had been banned by the government.  The demonstrators were physically attacked by […]

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Moscow Pride 2011: a Response to the Obama Administration’s Statement

by Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network (Chicago), participant in Moscow Pride 2011 The first and most important thing that needs to be said is that we are very fortunate that no Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and […]

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Video of Today’s Moscow Pride 2011

There was much, much more media besides. Moscow police collude with neo-Nazis Mayor favoured neo-Nazis with protest permit 18 gay campaigners arrested at Kremlin and City Hall Moscow – 28 May 2011 – 10pm Moscow […]

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Moscow Gays to Defy Police & Neo-Nazi Threats

They risk arrest and violent attack From a press release:  Moscow – May 27, 2011 Moscow Gay Pride Parade 2011 1 PM, Saturday, May 28, The Kremlin, at the gates to the Tomb of the […]

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