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VIDEO: Rollie Eggmaster: The Latest in Egg Technology

Rollie ® Eggmaster | Official Commercial | Top TV Stuff Breakfast is a hassle; it’s messy and you’re busy. But now there’s a way for your family to have a hot breakfast — with […]

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VIDEO: Easter Basket Cocktail

There’s something irresistable to making adult versions of childhood favorites. This grown-up Easter basket will certainly bring a lot of oohs and ahhs to your next party.

Rim a martini glass with thick simple syrup and then dip into dyed green coconut flakes, then adorn with a little marshmallow peep. Think of it as your very own adult Easter Basket, but instead of being filled with candy, it’s filled with booze!

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FOF #1559 – When Baby Chicks Become Scary Roosters

During Easter in Latin American countries, flea markets sell crazy, technicolor baby chicks dyed in every color of the rainbow, and they always die. Well, most of them.

Like flushing an alligator down the toilet, some cute pets live to become urban monsters.

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All Celebrities Go to Heaven

Happy Easter everyone!

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Video: Scandalicious Hunky Jesus Contest in San Francisco

It was a gorgeous sunny day in San Francisco for the 32nd annual Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Hunky Jesus contest.  The winner takes sacrilege to a new level.

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IMAGE: The Lady in the Egg

Last year, I created this photo blog on “Weird Easter” and I laughed that I wrote this about this image-

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Deven Green and Damiana Garcia’s Easter Egg-Stravaganza

World of Wonder‘s lady reporter Damiana Garcia teams up with hilarious comedienne Deven Green for an Easter Egg-stravaganza! The two ladies partake in a head-scratching Easter quiz, an egg hunt on Deven’s body, and a […]

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VIDEO: Hot Pink Easter Bunnys

Gimmy! I want Fausto and Marc to get these costumes and do this song please! Happy Easter, now bring me a chocolate bunny.

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FOF #1361 – Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

What if we were all inside an egg inside an egg inside Lady Gaga’s egg-shaped vessel? Think about it people.

Today, artist and blogger Angela Wells joins us to crack the case on the origins of egg decorating, strange party games and how the humble egg has inspired everyone from ancient Persians, to chocolatiers to Lady Gaga.

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Flashback: Gay and Lesbian Families Invited to White House Easter Egg Roll

Same-sex couples and their children had previously, controversially attended the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House back in 2006 during the Bush administration, but 2009 was the first year […]

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