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VIDEO: Hot Pink Easter Bunnys

Gimmy! I want Fausto and Marc to get these costumes and do this song please! Happy Easter, now bring me a chocolate bunny.

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La Isla Bonita in the Afternoon

Josh and I playing with my new computer in my music room. Yes, it’s Pumpkin Spice and I DID think of making it my livingroom color instead! How did you know? Enjoy kittens! Meow.

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VIDEO: Melissa’s Charmin Song

I was a finalist in the Charmin Enjoy the Go challenge. I made it all the way to New York City WOOHOO (why do I hear that Old El Paso Salsa commercial every time I […]

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VIDEO: Leading Men Through the Years

Saw this on Youtube set to the Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes. LOVE IT! I hate the pictures they chose for Brad Pitt and I am so not sure about Josh Harnett being in it, […]

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Melissa Young Named Charmin Rep for Pennsylvania!

So, weird story, I’ve been named the Representative for the Charmin Go Nation for the state of Pennsylvania. I’m kinda the QUEEN of Charmin for P.A. and I want to rule the nation.  So I’m reaching […]

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Madonna on Ellen Talking About Bullying

Madonna was on Ellen today, speaking up about the Bullying of Gay teens. I love her, this we know meow, yet she continues to surprise me with how well spoken and loving she can be. […]

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68 Year Old Woman Faces No Charges

Chicago 68 year old woman defends her sanity and home by shooting 12 year old boy who terrorized her and her neighborhood for some time.  After calling the police first and the boys returning after the […]

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VIDEO: Melissa Young Video Blog on Google Voice

This is a video blog I did with my friend Rob  about the wackytastic Google Voice. Meow! Edited by Chicago3j

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