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Hello Lovely Sharon- I wanted to ask about some concerns you expressed during the show about Alaska and the effect you getting on Drag Race and... » More

On Ask Sharon Needles Anything Again!

St. Elmo’s Money, brill. And the Snooki store’s in the Chicago proper are: Dots (many location,s one on Broadway in Uptown) and Chica’s Closet on Lawrence... » More

On FOF #1365 – Auditioning for Greatness

Is it weird, that I am sitting at home crying after watching this? It seems so beautiful and like something that would never happen to people... » More

On VIDEO: Lost and Found Photos

yep. exactly. yep yep. exactly. mmhmm. exactly. » More

On Is Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Really Madonna’s Express Yourself?

as for the message: love it and continue to love her constant and unwavering support for LGBT equality! » More

On Listen to Lady Gaga’s Born this Way – Finally!