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FOF #943- Brunch Divas

Why is brunch such a gay thing? Why not call it linner, lunch-din or sup-fast? Today we’re talking to Chicago entertainers Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax, the dynamic drag duo that is Scooty & Jojo. […]

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FOF #921 – Thank Zeus for Xanadu!

Ding dong, the cuckoo clock has run out for Governor Blagojevich. Yesterday the Illinois senate unanimously voted to impeach the unpopular Governor on corruption charges, in their best Donald Trump impersonation- you’re fired. Meanwhile HBO […]

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FOF #797 – The Second Starbucks to the Right

It’s so good to run into old friends! On today’s show one of my old gal pals Barb Kingston joins us to talk about transforming herself into a happier, loving lesbian. Barb was one of […]

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