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FOF #1994 – Lady Bunny is a Carnival of Fun

Lady Bunny is back with “Clowns Syndrome,” a brand new show full of the raunchy humor that’s made Bunny an entertainment institution for three decades. And by that I mean she’s really old and belongs in an institution.

Listen as the phenomenal Lady Bunny joins us to talk about the clash between younger and older generations and performers and audiences over the use of controversial words. You don’t want to miss every delicious minute of this podcast!

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FOF #1935 – I Dare You to Offend Me! Win $200

As the unstoppable engine of Marriage Equality chugs forward in 2014, we can look forward to an exciting discussion on LGBT workplace equality, especially when it comes to trans folks. But here’s the catch: not all trans people agree on what equality means for them.

Joining us today is comedian Jeffrey Jay who has quite a bit to say about all the attention trans folks have been getting lately. Jeffrey tours colleges across the country and dares his audience to ask him offensive questions about being trans. If someone hurts his feelings he says he’ll pay them $200.

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FOF #1848 – An Accidental Bridesmaid

With the avalanche of marriage equality moving forward, many people are suddenly finding themselves invited to weddings of friends they thought would never tie the knot.

Today the hilarious Megan Gailey joins us to talk about how to have a wonderful time at your friends’ weddings, tips on being the perfect guest and how to take home the hottest man at the reception.

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FOF #1840 – To Russia With Love

As Russia escalates its horrific crackdown on LGBT people, there’s a lot of talk happening about how to best support LGBT Russians, with some calling the Vodka Boycott misguided because it doesn’t take into consideration the wishes of actual Russian gay activists.

Joining us today is Andy Thayer from Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network, who has tirelessly fought  for years to bring attention to the situation happening in Russia and has even been arrested several times for participating in Pride parades in Moscow.

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FOF #1767 – Set Your Status to Fabulous

As the Supreme Court debated Same-Sex Marriage, people all over the internet changed their profile pictures to some version of a pink-on-red equal sign to show support for marriage equality.

Today we’re taking a closer look at social activism on the internet. Will changing your Facebook profile picture do anything for Marriage Equality?

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FOF #1729 – All Eyes Are on Honduras

Since a government coup in 2009, some 87 LGBT Hondurans, including many of their top leaders, have been the victim of a systematic campaign of targeted hate crimes and political assassinations.

Today we’re joined by one of Honduras’ LGBT rights leaders, Jose “Pepe” Palacios, who is currently traveling the US speaking about the struggle for equality in Honduras.

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VIDEO: Straight MN Band Makes Pro Gay Music Video

It’s good to see a stright band putting out a pro LGBT video!  Check it out.

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VIDEO: Randy Rainbow Works at Chick-fil-A

Happy Chicken Pride Ya’ll!

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VIDEO: Mitt Gets Worse

Just how bad is Mitt for LGBT equality? Part you just doesn’t want to know.

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VIDEO: Homophobes Are Full of It

The good people at FCK8 have an over the top video declaring that homophobes are literally full of shit. (NSFW)

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