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Best of: 50 Shades of Halloween

Oh sweet surrender! Whether it’s gristly doom or erotic orgasm, the buildup of tension and release is universal to pleasure. And that is why I put on my special black spandex outfit for you today!

We’re thrilled to present 50 Shades of Halloween: sexy gay tales of terror complete with monsters, ghosts, murderers, zombies, all downright evil bitches, read to you by some of our favorite guests.

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FOF #2317 – Color My Love

Anyone who has ever had a bad break up knows that there are many different ways to cope with a broken heart- some sing, some dance, some fuck the pain away, but for others, they get crafty.

Our guest today is artist Nathan Rapport, who created an adult coloring book as a way to deal with his own broken heart. His book “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me,” features an erotic collection of gay men getting it on.

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FOF #2296 – Deadpool Busts The Shit Out of the Box Office

With over $500 million in global sales, Marvel’s box office success with Deadpool has finally shown Hollywood that audiences are snark hungry for a modern pansexual superhero.

Our guest today is comic book writer, teacher, illustrator and publisher Justin Hall, best known for creating Glamazonia, a super powered gender fluid hero and co-creating Hard To Swallow, an anthology series of erotic queer comics.

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Nazi Themed Gay Pulp Fiction

After today’s show I thought I’d share a piece of gay pulp fiction  focusing on the Third Reich where it was very taboo to be gay, obviously.  This is a pulp fiction novel that is […]

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IMAGE: Homoerotic Military Art

For an institution that has persecuted queers and to this day refuses to allow gay men and lesbians to serve openly, the U.S. military has sure used some outrageously homoerotic art over the years.

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