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FOF # 2867 – Brian Sweeney, Fred Willard and a Million Dollar Pencil

One of our favorite tv shows from the late 70s was NBC’s Real People, a celebration of everyday people doing extraordinary things like a guy who ate soil, a one-legged man who ran across Canada and a couple who owned a roadside store that offered a million dollar pencil for sale.

Real People was by an ensemble that included the recently departed comedian Fred Willard, the show put a spotlight on people’s triumphs and helped introduce eccentric goofballs like Richard Simmons.

Today Brian Sweeney breaks his silence to take a look at the life of comedy legend Fred Willard.

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FOF #2564 – We’re Back

Glitter Day is a holiday we came up with to give folks a chance to unwind after the winter holiday season and celebrate joy in their everyday lives. So why has every Glitter Day seem coincide with some kind of catastrophe?

Today we take a look at the Hawaii Missile Crisis that took place on this year’s Glitter Day, which set off widespread panic in the state. What would you do if you thought the world was going to end?

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FOF #2098 – Your TV is on Fire!

It’s a whirlwind TV watching season- with Celebrity Big Brother UK, HBO’s Looking, TLC’s My Husband’s Not Gay, Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Cooking with Drag Queens, there’s a whole lot of gay going on!

Joining us is writer Zach Stafford for the Guardian UK to navigate through the choppy waters of the TV landscape.

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FOF #2013 – Pull My Finger

Farts may be silent, but they are far from deadly. According to a new study, farts may serve a greater function, helping the body prevent heart attacks, strokes, dementia and even cancer. No joke.

Today, we pull what fingers our guest Tommy Holl has left as we take a look at the health benefits of farts, and lots more.

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FOF #1794 – Fabulously Awkward Talk Show Moments

Barbara Walters put rumors to rest by announcing on her show The View that she’s planning to retire soon. Thanks for all the awesome interviews girlfriend!

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at our favorite awkward talk show moments. Madonna’s strange appearances on David Letterman, Gene Simmons vs Teri Gross and Howard Stern turns the tables on Magic Johnson.

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VIDEO: Fart Gag Goes Awry

You can only get away with it for so long. But is it for real?

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Flag of Malawi

Malawi to Outlaw Farting

The nation of Malawi plans on criminalizing passing gas. So who is going to pay for it when he who supplied it, denies it? Probably the dog.

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