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FOF #2140 – Stupid Sexy Aaron Schock

As the end of Downton Abbey approaches, it’s appropriate that we’re also seeing the end of the political career of one of its biggest fans, Aaron Schock.

Once a rising star in the Republican Party, the former Men’s Health model was under investigation for his spending habits, facing serious charges that would land him in prison.

Instead he smartly chose to resign, and find more interesting places from which to Instagram.

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FOF #1380 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

CNN anchor-stud Anderson Cooper is rumored to officially and finally come out of the closet as a gay man, as soon as next week just in time for Pride — with a series of interviews with over a dozen major celebrities doing the same thing.

Don’t hold your breath, but it could be a very hot week on CNN. What will the mass exodus of celebrities coming out mean for you and me?

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VIDEO: Surfing Bird Hangs Ten

Watch as this bird just sits on the hood of this car as it goes for a ride in Florida.

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Tiffany and Debbie Gibson Finally Together!

80’s Pop Divas Tiffany and Debbie Gibson will battle it out on screen in an upcoming Syfy movie about an alligator and a python! No, they won’t be dressing up and costume and trying to […]

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Fight Bigotry and Win

Looking for something to do this weekend? Help Equality Florida sort through the information about what went into the hiring of George “Rentboy” Rekers as the star witness defending Florida’s anti-gay adoption ban. The documents […]

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BP Enrages the Grannies

When you piss off the grannies, you know your goose is cooked.

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Florida Attorney General Admits Why They Used the Fraudulent Dr. Rekers

Attorney General Bill McCollum finally admitted “There wasn’t a whole lot of choice” as the reason they picked Rekers to testify. Why “not a “whole lot of choice?” Because what sane person would do it? […]

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VIDEO: That’s One Way to Win an Election

One way to hopefully win an election is to raise the specter or George W. Bush taking control again! That should scare anyone. –Read more on the Huffington Post.

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Killer Whale Kills Trainer

Tilikum, a killer whale at a SeaWorld in Florida killed a trainer during a show. Can you imagine sitting in the audience? It must have been horrific. View Tilikum’s profile.

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Buju Banton Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Proving once again that karma is a bitch, our dear friend, Grammy-nominated homophobe Buju Banton, was arrested in South Florida for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. That’s […]

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