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GOP Candidates Pledge To ”Investigate Gays” if Elected

NOM, the National Organization for Marriage – – not the sound Maggie G. makes when she’s munching down double-fisted on fried butter sticks in Iowa, has produced another FREAKIN’ GOP Pledge.  In NOM’s pledge, signatories […]

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Castro Regrets the Treatment of the Gays in Cuba After the Revolution

This is a translation of a Spanish Article that ran in La Jornada– Although Castro appears at ease, I don’t think he’s going to like what I have to say to him. Commander, all the […]

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Russian Gays’ Courage Contrasts With the Shame of Western Embassies

MOSCOW, Russia, May 28th, eve of Gay Pride – This afternoon in their final court date before Moscow Pride, gays and lesbians here predictably were rejected once again by the authorities. The Tverskoi District Court […]

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Don’t Stuff That Gay Stuff Down This Senators Throat

He doesn’t mind gays so much,  but he just doesn’t want gays stuffing it down his throat.

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