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FOF #1446 – I Joined the Peace Corps

During the height of the Cold War, Americans responded to the threat of communism in developing nations by forming the Peace Corps.

Today we are talking to Peace Corps volunteer Dave Massey about his extraordinary experience living in Africa and Asia for 4 years! Why did a young gay man enlist in the Peace Corps to teach English to people in developing countries.

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VIDEO: Sesame Street Does Glee and the Letter “G”

Sesame Street parodies the TV show Glee to teach us about the letter “G” which starts the words gasp, gorgeous and glitter.

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VIDEO: Chicagoist Blog Describes Darren Criss Dance Party Video as “World’s Saddest Flash Mob”

The Chicagoist described the flash mob that formed by the Darren Criss street team as the “World’s Saddest Flash Mob.” And Darren’s fans are none too pleased. How sad does the flash mob seem to […]

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VIDEO: Keenan Cahill Does Katy Perry With Glee Cast

Keenan Cahill keeps on going!

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FOF #1378 – I’ve Got You Babe

The wait is over. Chaz Bono’s documentary “Becoming Chaz,” debuting on Oprah’s new network OWN, shows the famous child of pop singer Cher and Sonny Bono’s female to male sex confirming surgery.

Chaz joins many other trans people who not only document their transition as a way to educate others about the trans experience but also to capture what is certainly a very challenging and fascinating time of their lives.

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FOF #1373 – The Death of the 50 Foot Woman

If you thought Osama Bin Laden and Donald Trump had a bad week, try being the 50 foot woman- Yvette Vickers, 60s sex symbol, Playmate and star of the camp horror film classic ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ was found mummified in her Beverly Hills Mansion several months after her death.

Join us as we talk about Yvette Vickers and all the hot news.

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VIDEO: Google Chrome – “It Gets Better”

I think it’s fantastic that Google Chrome’s “It Gets Better” video was the first ad featured during last night’s episode of Glee. It was a real “screw you” to the ultra conservative hate group, the […]

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FOF #1369 – Peaches Christ, Bring Me the Axe!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to chat with our drag queen role model, Peaches Christ, about our favorite film on motherhood- Mommie Dearest.

Join us as we talk with Peaches about our favorite films on motherhood including the unusual film Secret Ceremony with Elizabeth Taylor and the Alien movies.

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Who Lives and Who Dies on GLEE?

In the episode before the season finale, titled “Funeral,” sources confirm that there will be MULTIPLE deaths of several “things” on GLEE, with one being a MALE character! Matthew Morrison says “Somebody’s dying. Obviously I’m […]

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FOF #1366 – Awkwardly Hip

NOH8, It Gets Better, Lady Gaga, and even YouTube’s Honey Badger- all started out as small projects that grew into viral phenomena when LGBT folks jumped on the bandwagon. What happens when our favorite outsider things become the monster ballads of popular culture?

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