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FOF #1524 – We Will Always Love You Whitney Houston

Sad and shocking. Whitney Houston, in town for the Grammys, was found dead Saturday in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was 48 years old.

Today we take a look at the bittersweet memories and give good love to one of pop music’s greatest singers, everywoman Whitney Houston.

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VIDEO: Reporter that Spoke Nonsense at Grammys Tells Her Story

Serene Branson wants you to know that she’s not on drugs and that she probably had a migraine and that’s what caused her speak nonsense at the Grammys. She is now looking forward to covering […]

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Lady Gaga Spent 72 Hours in Her Egg Before She Hatched

Lady Gaga went to “egg-straordinary” lengths for Grammys, claiming she stayed in her translucent vessel for 72 hours before her performance at the awards show. She didn’t specify if those 72 hours were consecutive hours. […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s Entrance at the Grammys Reimagined

Yes, Lady Gaga arrived in an egg to the Grammys but what if it came right out a chicken and onto the stage?

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VIDEO: Plagerisim/Tribute/Idol Worship Sweeps Gay Themed Grammy Night!

Well, we’ve been hearing it all weekend, “Music Theif”, “Creative Copy-Cat”, “That’s Totally Song X”…. Ladies and Gurls, this article is NOT ABOUT LADY GAGA! In one of the few bright spots of last nights […]

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VIDEO: ‎”Oh Stewardess! I Speak Jive.”

Best Grammy coverage ever!!

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FOF #1328 – We Are All Lady Gaga

Happy Valentine’s Day! After months of teasing her little monsters, Lady Gaga finally dropped her new single, ‘Born This Way’ that’s causing quite a commotion for it’s similarities to Madonna’s song ‘Express Yourself.’ Why did she thank Whitney Houston at the Grammys?

Today we look at the impact the song is having and the history of other LGBT liberation pop songs that share the same title. Plus- Tracy Tyler discusses the Grammy’s, the Egyptian Revolution and a gay cruise aboard the Drug Boat.

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VIDEO: Christina Aguilera Falls Onstage at Grammys!

Christina Aguilera falls at the end of her Grammy performance. This is some “Coal Miner’s Daughter” Shit!

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VIDEO: Gaga’s Egg Entrance at the Grammys

I think she needs no introduction on this site.  So, I’ll just say Gaga arrived at the Grammys in an egg, and here’s the video.  The part that struck me was the distain of the […]

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VIDEO: Happy Glitter Day!

Here is the song I would like to offer for consideration as the Official Glitter Day Anthem- Pink’s “Glitter In The Air”

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