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FOF #2375 – Diary of Fashion Gang Leader

In high school, comedian Peter S Kim couldn’t get into a Korean gang so he formed his own posse of fashion conscious teenagers who stole expensive clothes from the mall to sell to the rich white kids in their school.

Today, Peter S Kim, joins us to talk about why all Korean moms are funny, the best practices for catfishing on hookup apps and why it’s better to get along with people rather than fight with them online for a little publicity.

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FOF #2115 – Valentine’s Day

We’re not sure why, but our neighborhood of Andersonville in Chicago has more drag queens per capita than any other neighborhood in the Midwest.

One lovely queen is our neighbor, Valentine’s Addams, whose photo where she’s dressed up as Donkey Kong in drag is making us gag.

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FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff

If you’re gay and have a beard, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff. One of the most popular gay hookup apps, SCRUFF began as a way for hairy guys to get together, but it’s growing into something much bigger.

Today we chat with Johnny Skandros better known as Johnny Scruff, about how he started Scruff from his mom’s living room with his buddy Eric Silverberg and the challenges the start-up faces in being one of the top social networking apps.

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VIDEO: Grindr at the Republican National Convention

Funny or Die looks at how social apps are changing the way Republicans hook up.

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FOF #1627 – The Burning Embers of Fire Island

Do gay beach vacation spots have the same allure they once had now that sex is so easy to get on your mobile device?

Comic musician Manny Capozzi joins us to share with us some of his new hilarious parody songs and to take a look at the changing face of gay retreats.

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Bizarre blue man Grindr profile

Someone should tell him not to hold his breath when taking his photo.

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FOF #1595 – Attack of the 50 Foot Rainbow Flag

Today the fabulous Kyle Greer joins us to give LGBT Pride Parades a musical titty twister plus a new song “Shit Guys Say on Grindr.”

What should Pride Parades be about today? Do fancy drag queens, hot leather daddies, and fierce dykes on bikes make us all look way more interesting than we really are.

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VIDEO: Are You a Sexy Nerd?

“I don’t need Grindr, I need a nerd finder.” The Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s new single, “Sexy Nerd,” directed by Michael Serrato.

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The One Where David Arquette’s on Grindr

Courteney Cox thought David Arquette might be hooking up with gay men when she discovered he had downloaded Grindr on iTunes. After confronting Arquette, “C’mon buddy, I wouldn’t be mad,” Cox went on Jimmy Kimmel […]

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