FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff

Mar 20, 2014 · 1985 views

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If you’re gay and have a beard, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff. One of the most popular gay hookup apps, SCRUFF began as a way for hairy guys to get together, but it’s growing into something much bigger.

Today we chat with Johnny Skandros better known as Johnny Scruff, about how he started Scruff from his mom’s living room with his buddy Eric Silverberg and the challenges the start-up faces in being one of the top social networking apps.


  1. Derek says:

    Enjoyed this interview quite a bit. It’s awesome to hear from people that have achieved success and remain down to Earth. I might have missed it in there but when is Johnny actually headed to Chicago?

    As for what to do for individuals looking for 3 somes … How about something like an apartment finder where you select # of bedrooms. “Looking for group sex with # of partners” 🙂

  2. colaboy29 says:

    Great interview with Johnny Scruff. I do use Scruff but nearly as much as the Growlr app. I find more bears and leather bears on that one.

  3. Rick says:

    Such a fun episode! When we have a third, I call them a “Special Guest Star,” jokingly. Usually though, we’ll call it what it is: Group Sex. Maybe Scruff could borrow “LFM (Looking for More)” which is already widely used in MMOs.

  4. what an amazing interview! I usually listen at 2x speed on my ipod but i found myself so charmed by Johnny that I changed the setting to 1x, put away my new yorker, sat on the train and just listened. What a great story through and through. It sounds like Johnny was a great person before his success and his success hasn’t changed him.

    here’s my suggestion .. make a distinction between a couple looking for a third or another couple and guys who are looking to put a group together. Not sure why that distinction matters to me.

    what a great interview! I can’t wait to attend an event in SF.

  5. I love SCRUFF. It is my favorite app on my droid phone. I have used it in LA for about 2 years now and have meet new friends and hookups. After listening to the interview, I am thinking upgrading to pro! Check out my new profile pic rockin my FEAST of Fun WOOF tee. See if you can find me 91423 🙂

  6. Mmm.. Johnny’s a yummy bear.

  7. Than says:

    What do you do? Whatever you want. Start new companies. Become an angel investor VC. Become a philanthropist. You could live large off $100M, put the other billion into a foundation. Throw charity events instead of corporate events. What do you do with $2B? Bored? Are you serious? Whatever you want; that’s what you do. Don’t fuck it up.

    Fausto, climb off the guests long enough to do the interview. This was almost as bad as the Courtney Act interview. Horndog. I say with all the love.

  8. fluffycatsdad says:

    ‘If you’re gay and have a beard, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff.’ Um, wow. Pretentious much?

    • I fought for the line with Fausto: ‘If you’re gay and HAVE GROWN A BEARD IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff.’

      But, we have limited space so we have to be conservative with our words.

      I’m sure you could agree to that.

  9. I tried looking for you guys on Scruff when I was in Chicago. I mistakenly kept searching “FF” only to end up with guys wanting to punch me in my do-nut hole.

  10. HELP! Podcast stopped at 0:59:35 but it still has more to go until end at 1:17:50. Not sure of cause. Nothing else on my p.c is affected so not sure if it’s some glitch at your end. Thanks

  11. Sorry. I rebooted and it worked. Just froze up somehow. Thanks

  12. Chris says:

    Hi Fausto & Mark,

    Loved this interview with Johnny Scruff.
    It’s great to hear from someone making a living from the LGBTI community and giving back in a more sincere manner then a cynical manner.
    Johnny is a wonderful sounding gent.
    Woof boys 😀

  13. Thanks for a great show, Marc and Fausto.
    Johnny Scruff is adorable and charming. He’s nothing like I expected at all. He comes across as witty, pleasant, socially responsible and with just the right amount of cheekiness.
    I didn’t know anything about Scruff other that it was a gay social app that you had mentioned before. After listening to this podcast, it really has made me want to check it out.
    This show was enlightening and really quite enjoyable.
    I love how you guys ‘play’ with your guests.
    Cheers, Mel xoxo

  14. Troy says:

    Good show, was great to hear so much from Johnny Scruff. You suggested a feature where you can follow people on the app, GROWLr already has that with its’ Blog feature. I enjoy going on GROWLr and looking at the blog posts.

  15. Johnny Scruff seems like the nicest most down to earth person in the world. This episode was a very good interview with Johnny. I was already a Scruff Pro user, and after this interview, I will definitely keep paying when my year is up.

    As far as the number of pictures on the screen, personally, I like how Grindr and Mister have gone to larger thumbnails. But then again, at my age, my vision is not what it used to be. But, it is not such a big deal that I would stop using Scruff. It has so many other things that I like, mainly, some of the best guys are on Scruff.

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